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¿What is Arbistar?

Before talking about arbistar, I would like to explain what arbitration is because this is the first reason why this business seems interesting to me.

Arbitration, no matter the medium (cryptocurrencies, financial assets, bets, etc.) is the use of the amarket to obtain secure profits as a result of the difference between the purchases of 2 equal options (assets normally). That is to say, Don´t worry  what you do that you will earn yes or yes. With Betting arbitration you ll understand much better. Imagine that you bet in such a way in a football match (Real Madrid-Barcelona) that no matter how the results ends your bet becomes a  winning one and therefore you earn money. This is arbitration and can be applied to other fields. If you want to know more I recommend ot see what´s  is arbitration in wikipedia. With the advance of computing, the mathematical processes to succeed in arbitration have advanced a lot, it is here that I wanted to talk about Arbistar

Winning is the only option.

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Arbistar is a company that has made a series of mathematical algorithms to manufacture a Bot (Robot) that is successful in cryptocurrency arbitration, this is taking advantage of the price between exchangers (Bitfinex, Coinbase, Kraken, etc)

To explain them even better, if the price of BTC in Coinbase is € 3,500 but, instead, in Bitfinex the price is € 3,590. This gives us an exact difference of € 90, which means that if we bought 1 BTC in Kraken and sent them to Bitfinex to sell it again, we would get a return of € 90 at a time. An impressive business, right? This cannot be done manually, since we can lose in the process and that is where Arbistar 2.0 comes in.

Arbistar 2.0

Following because arbitration is the reason of this business is that Arbistar does arbitration in parallel. This means that we should not wait for our funds to transfer from one exchange to another, since the transaction is simultaneous. At the same time that you buy in one exchange with the lowest price whille the sale takes place at the highest in another one, which always guarantees the success of the operation.

Historically, the problem of arbitration has always been with  time and in cryptocurrency operations the movements are very abrupt, but thanks to the arbitration in parallel that arbistar offers us it is the smartest solution we can see, in addition to that, we should manually do too many operations a day, and Arbistar, this is done automatically.

Register in Arbistar here for free

Arbistar has only one way to register, and it is with a link from a member (see mine above…)  🙂  , the normal thing in this world of internet and a way for the company – through word of mouth – to market for free. There are several reasons to do so:

1.- If the members themselves are happy with the service they will promote this tool to attract new members and … with this, take a profit for the referrals they obtain, it is called the marketing network.

2. The company saves on advertising and promotional costs, being able to focus capital on improving its system and its bot.

3.- The third will be that this way we are facing a slower growth (word of mouth instead of maximum publicity) that will make it more sustainable

So, if you want to register with Arbistar, you should not miss such an opportunity …

Arbistar in English

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Arbistar plans

Currently this fantastic Bot only has 2 plans to choose from. The community bot and the Personal Bot.

Community Bot: This is a community bot, in which we should not do anything except invest; without the need to apply the KEYS APIs of our exchanges or obsess over balance balances.

We will simply make a contribution to the community Bot and obtain our profitability. We can also decide if the commissions of our affiliates and the benefits obtained, we want to collect them or reinvest them in a compound interest plan, which means that if we select this second option … all the income that we are getting makes our contribution to the community bot grow and therefore we increase our profits. Very interesting. In this plan we can enter from € 100 to € 50,000 of investment and… once we have made the contribution, the link will be activated to refer friends in what they call the “friend plan”.

Personal Bot: This bot is the most common one that will give us more benefits, since the reward that is obtained from the arbitrations are for us as a whole, without the commission that Arbistar would deduct in the community bot for making all the arrangements. The main difference is that in this case, Arbistar does not touch our funds at all, everything is done with the balances of the  exchanges, so we must have balance in all those exchanges that we use with the bot so that all the necessary operations can be done .

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